Thank you for your interest. The Acu-Clinic weight reduction and smoking withdrawl system has been used throughout North America and South America as well as Europe, with an outstanding success rate.
This method was developed by Acu-Clinic's personal consultant, Dr. Logan R. MCKinsey, D.C., an internationally known writer, lecturer and expert in acupuncture procedures. He is president of the Pan-American Acupuncture Physicians' Association, Speciality Associates, Inc., member of the board of directors of the Acupuncture Center of Colorado and a member of numerous professional acupuncture societies and associations throughout the world.

Within the shell of the ear are more than 200 tiny, invisible clusters of nerve endings known as Acupoints. These were discovered by Chinese physicians over a 5,000 year period. Acupoints connect to other body parts and influence physiological functions. Dr. P. Nogier, a French medical physician, made a 20-year study of the activity of these acupoints. He found, that they could be stimulated by electric current, by small needles inserted into them, or by direct pressure with probes. By accident he found that certain points connect directly to "habit control centers" within the brain. When these special points were stimulated, abnormal appetite, the urge to smoke, and other destructive habits were markedly reduced.
In 1973, Dr. Logan McKinsey and his associates developed a method of utilizing these acupoints to treat alcoholics and narcotic addicts. He further developed a simplified method of applying these procedures for weight reduction and smoking withdrawl.
Dr. McKinsey's latest development is the Acu-Tab. It consists of a small surgical steel ball ( about the size of the head of a pin) and a square of medical adhesive. The Acu-Tabs are inserted into the funnel of the ear by a highly trained, certified Acu-Therapist. This system has solved the major problems associated with common acupuncture.
Acu-Tabs are safe and hygenic. Because they do not pierce the skin, there is no chance of infection. And because they are practically invisible, no one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell. With Acu-Tabs you get more precise placement and longer effectiveness.

Within the central brain are two neural centers: the THALAMUS and the HYPOTHALAMUS. The thalamas monitors our sensory messages- taste, sight, smell, etc. The hypothalamus controls the thalamus and many of our habit systems. It also influences many types of emotional behavior, including eating and smoking. The hypothalamus has a "Feeding Center" and a "Satiation Center". In a healthy person, these centers are "Balanced", we eat when we need food and stop when we are full. This balance can be overridden by the decision making part of our brain (cerebal cortex) so that we develop nonproductive habits like smoking or overeating.
When the Acu-Tabs are activated, the hypothalamus is stimulated. This stimulation "Short Circuits" the appetite message systems and the craving for smoking or overeating is supressed. It makes no difference if your cracings are physical (low blood sugar or an addiction to nicotine) or emotional. It doesn't matter if you are 15 lbs. or 150 lbs. overweight. We have successfully treated people who have been smoking for 40 years or longer. Acu-Clinic's program breaks these bad habits at the subconcious level and restores the natural balance to the neural centers.
You will stop smoking or lose weight now and won't start smoking or regain the weight in the future! Preliminary studies from the University of Washington's General Research Center are supporting the need to reprogram the hypothalamus. People who have lost weight on a diet will regain the weight unless the signal from the brain, which tells the fat cells to enlarge, is broken. The Acu-Tabs do this. They suppress the cravings, balance your system and prevent the return to negative eating or smoking habits.

After the acu-therapist has placed the Acu-Tabs on the nerve clusters (acupoints) in the ear, you will be instructed in the proper method of activation. This consists of massaging the ear for approximately 15 or 20 seconds. You can activate the Acu-Tabs as often as necessary.
In the case of weight reduction, the Acu-Tabs can be used before meals or any time the urge to snack arises. Before, a meal (about 15 minutes) activate the Acu-Tabs. By the time you sit down to the meal, your appetite will be supressed-you will eat a much smaller serving.
With smoking withdrawl, most of our clients notice a dramatic decrease immediately. Within one week they are smoking 50% to 75% less. Over the next week or two they usually withdraw completely.
The Acu-Tabs are a tool. It is important to use them correctly and understand their limitations. While, our methods are very simple and effective, they are not magical.

Acu-Molds provide Permanent Therapy for Weight loss /Smoking Withdrawl

I hold the only patented agreement for Washington State, to make the acu-molds.
These are clear, acrylic custom fitted devices with stainless steel beads embedded
that nestle into the outer ear for ear acupressure points; no needles, no pain
and have a proven high success rate.

At your first visit to an acu-clinic you will fill out an information sheet. This information aids us in monitoring and correcting your eating or smoking habits. The information sheet will also alert us to any medical conditions which could be adversely affected by a rapid weight loss.
Each acutherapist is trained in diet, nutrition, smoking withdrawl methods and acutherapy. The acutherapist will consult you on a personal basis. The acutherapist will tailor a diet for your specific needs and situation.
The acutherapist will weigh you, check your blood pressure, install the Acu-Tabs and recommend a personal diet program during the initial visit. Approximately one week later, you will return for the follow-up visit. We will monitor your progress and make any adjustments to your diet or method of activation. In some cases, the acutherapist may need to adjust your Acu-Tabs.